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What is Integrated Brief Behavioral (IBB)?

  • Integrated – between your Medical Provider at WWH and a Behavioral Clinician.
  • Brief – last just a few sessions, maybe just one session upwards of a few weeks of sessions
  • Behavioral – based on mental health diagnosis (like depression or anxiety) and solution focused

What is IBB?

IBB pairs you with a clinician to work on behavioral health issues and that can be addressed in several sessions. Clinicians are social workers, counselors, or psychologists who have training in diagnosis, problem solving, mood disorders, LGBTQ+ issues, trauma-informed care, and other behavioral issues. Some of our clinicians are independently licensed providers and some are graduate level interns.

  • Brief counseling to build on your natural strengths and resilience
  • Target specific emotional or behavioral problems
  • Build skills and ability to cope with life stressors

What your IBB life cycle may look like:

What IBBC is BEST at Addressing

  • Depression
  • Anxiety/Panic Attacks
  • Grief/Major Life Adjustment
  • Gender Exploration for Adults or Teenagers
  • Your Body’s Reaction to Stress, Trauma or Other Life Challenges
  • Options for Behavioral Health Care

What it’s NOT

  • Long-term Therapy
  • Psychiatry or Medication
  • Case Management
  • Advice or a friend to talk to

Steps to Connecting to IBB

  1. Medical Provider Screens + Refers
  2. Client Services Rep Schedules + Sends Paperwork + Verifies Coverage
  3. BH Clinician Meets with You to Determine Focus + Sets Plan for Care
  4. Patient Establishes Goals + Examine the Barriers to Wellness
Currently IBB is only available to medical patients at WWH with Medicaid. For more information, contact your WWH medical provider.


  • Emergency Hotlines (EN/ES)
  • Medicaid Behavioral Resources (EN/ES)
  • Finding a Therapist (EN/ES)
  • Finding Gender Affirming Support (EN/ES)
  • Support Trans Youth (EN/ES)
  • Neurodivergence & Learning Differences Resources (EN/ES)
  • How to Finding Gender Affirming Support (EN/ES)
  • Finding a QBIPOC Affirming Therapist (EN / ESP)
  • Substance Use Disorder Treatment (EN)