Whitman-Walker Institute expands the body of knowledge that strengthens the health care we provide, and the health and well-being of our community, particularly sexual and gender diverse people and persons living with or at risk of HIV. Through research, advocacy, and education we empower all persons to live healthy, love openly and achieve equality and inclusion.

who we are

Whitman-Walker Institute was founded to become the country’s premiere organization focused on advancing the health and wellbeing of LGBTQ people, people living with HIV, and other groups facing barriers to quality care through the strategic integration of clinical expertise, research acumen, quality education, and policy change.

We remain firmly grounded in community connections to seek feedback and promote ideas reflecting the lived experiences and identified needs of those we serve. We conduct cutting edge research to end the HIV epidemic, eliminate health disparities, and promote wellness and resiliency.

We advance evidence-based policies and push for structural changes that meet the multiple needs of our clients and community members, address social determinants of health, and reduce the impacts of stigmatization and marginalization. We prioritize the evaluation and dissemination of effective programs and models of care, including a commitment to regular review of our own standards and practices. We conduct high-quality trainings across a range of disciplines and take seriously the need to empower new leaders and shift the culture.

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