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Supportive Services Guide

In this guide, you will find resources for services by external service providers. These organizations are skilled at providing services you might need that WWH does not offer. You can directly access these services independently by using the information found in this guide. If you need assistance using this guide to connect with resources, please ask any WWH staff member and they can assist you.

Support for Trans Youth

When a young person tells you they are trans, genderqueer, nonbinary, or uses other language to tell you about themselves, take a moment to consider what it means for them to have shared this with you. We’ve created this comprehensive document for youths and their families to navigate their gender expansive journey.

Gender & Sex Illustrated

This illustration serves as a tool to explore the concepts of gender and sex.


  • Emergency Hotlines (EN/ES)
  • Medicaid Behavioral Resources (EN/ES)
  • Finding a Therapist (EN/ES)
  • Neurodivergence & Learning Differences Resources (EN/ES)
  • How to Finding Gender Affirming Support (EN/ES)
  • Finding a QBIPOC Affirming Therapist (EN/ES)
  • Substance Use Disorder Treatment (EN)