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Substance Use Treatment Services

Whitman-Walker’s Substance Use Treatment Services offer support aimed at helping you examine your relationship to substances and make changes that align with your needs. Whether you’re seeking to quit using substances altogether (abstinence-based) or are considering changes to better manage or reduce your substance use (harm reduction), we have a range of individual and group programs available to you.

Programs are staffed by licensed mental health professionals and specially trained peer volunteers with a specialization in LGBTQ+ affirming care. Specialized programming includes support for transgender-identified individuals, those engaged in chem-sex or experiencing sex/drug fusion, and a specialized focus on sexual health in recovery.

Services include:

The program’s purpose is to help you achieve abstinence, sobriety, and recovery from alcohol and substance use, avoid or manage returns to use, and/or stabilize common mental health challenges like depression and anxiety. This comprehensive, multi-format program includes group-based education and counseling; individual therapy; family/support system education; and building social support.

Harm Reduction focuses on goal setting to reduce or change substance using behaviors, reduce potentially harmful or negative consequences of those behaviors, and increase insights about underlying needs and drivers of behavior. The program is not abstinence-based and is instead guided by the principles of Harm Reduction, a set of practical ideas and interventions for substance users.

Whitman-Walker Health offers medications for the treatment of prescription opioid/heroin/fentanyl use, alcohol use, and stimulant use disorders. Most medications for treatment of substance use disorders can be accessed through consultation with your primary care provider.

Medication for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD) can be accessed the same day through our SMART clinics at either location; some restrictions apply. For more information, call 202-797-4453 or talk to your primary care provider.

Call 202.797.4453 for more information.