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Women’s Health

Gynecological Care

Whether you are seeking cervical cancer screening, birth control, or other sexual health services, we will work with you to achieve your goals in a safer and affirming space. Our gynecology program works together with your care team to ensure the best experience.


If you’re interested in learning more about our gynecology services, please speak to your medical team member or call 202.745.7000 or text 202.978.6123

Breast Health

The Breast Health Initiative provides education on breast/chest health and links patients to breast/chest cancer screening services. Whitman-Walker’s Breast Health Initiative helps patients access mammograms and other preventative services for early detection of cancer. The Breast Health Initiative staff point out the importance of early detection for breast/chest cancer and remind people to perform regular breast/chest self-exams, get annual breast/chest cancer screenings, and schedule mammograms as appropriate. For more information or to connect with a Health Educator, contact