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Youth Mental Health services provide individual and group therapy for young people ages 13-30 with a specific focus on trauma recovery, LGBTQ identities and other life challenges. These services are free and available to young people who have experienced or witnessed trauma or a crime and experience systemic access to care including un- or under-insured, lack of parental support, or lack of competent care in other settings.


The program provides low-barrier mental health support to maintain overall wellbeing. This program strives to provide young people a safe and affirming space to explore their own individual capacities for healing. Therapists use a wide array of techniques, from art to music to sand play in session; we tailor sessions to meet the young person’s specific needs. Therapy can be provided at any Whitman-Walker Health location, virtually or at other locations in the community.


If you have questions or would like to schedule a screening, please email


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