Family Support

When addressing the needs of the whole person, our team of social workers and community support specialists address the needs of the whole family.

Youth and Family Care Navigation services are designed to help youth and families living with HIV to reach their care goals to live happily and healthily. Through specialized services, we make getting quality medical care easier, while also helping you face other life challenges. Whether it’s a new diagnosis, a new pregnancy, signing up for public assistance, or coordinating an individual care plan, our team is here for you.

A healthy family is a thriving family. We want to see your family thrive.

Our Youth & Family Support Services include:


Youth Care Navigation

Community-based services to support HIV+ youth in engaging in care. This can include:

  • Youth who are newly diagnosed with HIV
  • Youth transitioning to adult HIV care
  • Youth finding it hard to manage their HIV care on their own

Our goal is to help you remove any barriers preventing you from being healthy and stable.

Family Care Navigation (STABLE Families)

Community-based services to support families impacted by HIV. This can include:

  • Anyone who is pregnant and living with HIV
  • Anyone who is living with HIV and parenting

Our goal is to help you remove any barriers preventing your family from being healthy and stable and if you are pregnant help you birth an HIV-negative baby.