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Carl Corbin, Whitman-Walker Makes Me Feel Like a Person
Whitman-Walker Health

March 18, 2018

As part of Whitman-Walker’s 40th anniversary, officially January 13, 2018, we’re sharing 40 stories to help tell the narrative of Whitman-Walker in community. Please meet Carl Corbin, former Patient Advisory Committee member at Whitman-Walker Health! Originally from Virginia, Carl has helped Whitman-Walker adapt its care practices and priorities from a patient’s point of view. Carl never fails to support a client in need around the health center and ensures their care needs are being met. After recovering from open-heart surgery and becoming disabled, Carl came to Whitman-Walker for Public Benefits and Insurance Navigation services to enroll in public assistance and insurance coverage.

Learn more about Carl’s story, press play!

Please note this story was recorded in 2016.


Carl with his dog

Carl sits on the porch of his northwest DC home with his dog.



Carl poses for the We See You campaign photo shoot. Photo by Moshe Zusman.

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40 stories

More than 40 Years Later, What We’ve Learned & What We Hope For the Future

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