Ahmed, Gaining Strength & Living Each Day Like It’s Your Last


As part of Whitman-Walker’s 40th anniversary, officially January 13, 2018, we’re sharing 40 stories to help tell the narrative of Whitman-Walker in community.
Please meet Ahmed, an individual who believes in the power of politics for positive change. A native of Baghdad, Ahmed moved to the U.S. with his family
seeking  safety and acceptance. Safety, from the Iraq civil war and acceptance for his identity as a gay man and a person who didn’t believe in
God. Ahmed was first introduced to Whitman-Walker after Googling “HIV testing” in DC.

Learn more about Ahmed’s story, press play!

Please note this story was recorded in 2016.

Ahmed at the 2017 Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center redevelopment.

Ahmed and his dog Spuds at the Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center’s “Work It Gurl” mural by No King’s Collective during “NOMaste” – pizza and yoga inspired event.

Ahmed in Whitman-Walker’s We See You campaign photoshoot.

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