PLEASE NOTE: During the COVID-19 crisis, Whitman-Walker will close all walk-in services. Whitman-Walker will offer others through video and audio telehealth appointments. Our health centers at 1525 14th Street, NW and Max Robinson Center at 2301 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave, SE will remain open for appointment-only care including COVID-19 testing and scheduled URGENT care appointments. HIV/STI testing is available by appointment only at LIZ at 1377 R Street, NW, 2nd floor and Max Robinson Center. Call 202.797.4439 to schedule an HIV/STI testing appointment. Whitman-Walker Youth Services in Eastern Market is closed until further notice, however Whitman-Walker Youth Services provides free HIV/STI and pregnancy testing to young people ages 13-24 years old at Max Robinson Center weekly and by appointment only. Call 202.543.9355 to schedule an HIV/STI or pregnancy testing appointment with Whitman-Walker Youth Services. See updates to our services and hours of operations at


We’re here to help you feel safer and healthier with a wide variety of services. At Whitman-Walker, we offer education, prevention, health and social programs tailored to young people ages 13 - 24. Our programs are designed to create safe space where all youth feel respected and welcome to be themselves.

Our Youth Services are about education, prevention and helping you understand your health needs. From free HIV/STI/pregnancy testing to lessons on safer sex, our youth team will answer all your questions.

Looking for a safe and stigma-free space to share your thoughts? Youth mental Health services are open to all young person ages 13-24 who have experienced or witnessed something that is difficult to talk about (i.e. crime).

RealTalkDC is our main youth program. It connects you to free health resources and offers a safe space for you to express yourself. RealTalkDC provides inclusive sexual health education for young people ages 13-24 through presentations in schools and programing at the RealTalkDC Peer Education Center.

Our Youth Services location is open Monday - Friday, 11:00 am - 7:00 pm (11:00 am – 6:00 pm on the second Friday of the month) in Eastern Market at 651 Pennsylvania Ave., SE., Washington, DC. No appointments are needed. Testing is walk-in only, but you must arrive no later than 6:45 pm (5:45 pm on the second Friday of the month). Stop by and visit us sometime!

For more information on youth services or RealTalkDC, call 202.543.9355.

Youth Mental Health

Youth Mental Health services provide individual and group therapy for young people ages 13-24 with a specific focus on trauma recovery, LGBTQ identities and other life challenges. These services are free and available to young people who have experienced or witnessed a crime (no police report required). The program provides low-barrier mental health support to maintain overall wellbeing.

This program strives to provide young people a safe and affirming space to explore their own individual capacities for healing. Therapists use a wide array of techniques, from art to music to sand play in session; we tailor sessions to meet the young person’s specific needs. Therapy can be provided at any Whitman-Walker Health location or at other locations in the community.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a screening, please call the Youth Mental Health Program Coordinator at 202.321.3303.

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Youth & Family Support

Youth and Family Care Navigation services are designed to help youth and families living with HIV to reach their care goals to live happily and healthily. Through specialized services, we make getting quality medical care easier, while also helping you face other life challenges. Whether it’s a new diagnosis, a new pregnancy, signing up for public assistance, or coordinating an individual care plan, our team is here for you.

A healthy family is a thriving family. We want to see your family thrive.

Our Youth & Family Support Services include:

  • Youth Care Navigation
  • Family Care Navigation (STABLE Families)

Youth Care Navigation

Community-based services to support youth in engaging in care. This can include:

  • Youth who are newly diagnosed with HIV
  • Youth transitioning to adult HIV care
  • Youth finding it hard to manage their care on their own

Youth Care Navigation can help you get into HIV care or get back into care. We can help you get to appointments, figure out medication and be there to talk when things are difficult. We know there is so much more to you than HIV, so we help you work toward all of your goals to have a happy and healthy life.
If you are interested in referring someone or receiving Youth Care Navigation services for yourself, please contact Bobby Bangert, Manager of Youth and Family Care Navigation, at 202-207-2360.

Family Care Navigation (STABLE Families)

Community-based services to support families impacted by HIV. This can include:

  • Anyone who is pregnant and living with HIV
  • Anyone who is living with HIV and parenting

Our goal is to help you remove any barriers to care and help you birth an HIV-negative baby.

Family Care Navigation services can help you balance your HIV care with the well-being of your family. We can help you get into HIV care, connect with resources for you and your children, and be there to talk when things are difficult. If you are pregnant, we help you through pregnancy to have a healthy, HIV-negative baby. We know there is so much more to you than HIV, so we help you work toward all of your goals to have a happy and healthy life for you and your family.
If you are interested in our Family Care Navigation services, please contact Bobby Bangert, Manager of Youth and Family Care Navigation, at 202-207-2360.

Peer Ambassadors
  • Camille Benbow
  • Elcid Johnson
  • Sam Singal