To increase patient access to care, Whitman-Walker Health has changed its appointment scheduling system. When you contact Whitman-Walker, you will now be able to schedule your visit within the next 10 business days. All appointments on and after August 21, 2017, have been cancelled. We will contact you 14 days in advance to reschedule your appointment under the new system.

Thomas Coughlin

Thomas Coughlin

Director of Gender Affirming Services

Thomas Coughlin serves as Director of Gender Affirming Services, supporting the oversight of internal and external programming related to the provision of services for members of our trans* communities. He works in tandem with other clinical and programmatic leaders at Whitman-Walker to provide a unified vision and voice for services. He has participated in numerous community events, educational programs, presentations and workshops in an effort to increase public awareness and advance cultural humility in trans affirming care. Thomas joined Whitman-Walker in 2008 as an intern in the Behavioral Health department. He then served as Whitman-Walker’s first patient advocate for trans* health. Thomas earned a masters degree in Clinical Community Counseling in 2008 from Johns Hopkins University. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a member of Whitman-Walker’s behavioral health staff of psychotherapists.