To increase patient access to care, Whitman-Walker Health has changed its appointment scheduling system. When you contact Whitman-Walker, you will now be able to schedule your visit within the next 10 business days. All appointments on and after August 21, 2017, have been cancelled. We will contact you 14 days in advance to reschedule your appointment under the new system.

Kimberly Morrow

Kimberly Morrow

Evaluation Specialist

Kimberly Morrow is the Evaluation Specialist at Whitman-Walker Health.  She serves as the database administrator for youth and family-based programming.  She monitors the data collection process for programs and analyzes data for reporting purposes.  Morrow has worked in the field of public health for more than 6 years. She is originally from Atlanta, Georgia and has a bachelor of science in psychology from Howard University as well as a master of public health degree from Argosy University in Atlanta.