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J’Mia Edwards

J’Mia Edwards

Community Health Worker

J’Mia Edwards became an advocate for HIV/AIDS after becoming infected in 2005. Since that time, Edwards has been an Outreach Worker with The Women’s Collective, and an HIV Tester and Counselor with Community Education Group. In 2012 J’Mia became a HIV Tester with Metro Teen AIDS where she advanced to the position of Community Health Worker in 2013. Edwards is affiliated with numerous HIV/AIDS organizations including Housing Works, DC Fights Back, the PWA Committee, the DC Delegation Committee and the Ryan White Planning Council. Edwards has spoken to Congress about the importance of HIV/AIDS and housing. She is also featured in the documentary “The Other City” which follows her as she struggles to find housing for her family. Edwards has felt the pain of being unable to receive funding that assists people living with HIV with rental assistance, food vouchers, utilities, and HOPWA due to limited funds. This experience has given Edwards the voice to speak out and advocate for change. Her experiences taught her that her work is about everyone who is affected by HIV/AIDS, especially those too afraid to share their story because of stigma. Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, Edwards moved to D.C. in 2005 and is a proud mother of four.