Hepatitis Studies


Whitman-Walker Health has conducted multiple studies that evaluate cutting-edge Hepatitis C treatments. The new medications for Hepatitis C are all pills and can cure Hepatitis C in as few as eight weeks. Recent studies have tested these medications in different combinations, including regimens that are as easy as one pill once a day.  We have worked closely with both monoinfected (just Hepatitis C) and co-infected (Hepatitis C and HIV) trials, to ensure these medications work for all individuals with Hepatitis C.  To date, many of the medications we have studied have now been approved by the FDA, including Sovaldi and Harvoni.

We also conduct studies that test new treatments for chronic Hepatitis B.

If you have questions about becoming a research patient, we invite you to visit the FAQ page.  Please see the Currently Enrolling page to learn more about opportunities for participation in Hepatitis studies at Whitman-Walker Health!