FAQs on New Medical Home

When will the new health center open?

We are now open!

Will all services relocate from Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center to 1525 14th Street?

We have a highly integrated model of care and as such aspects of all services will move to 1525 14th Street. However, the day-to-day support of some services will remain at Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center. The chart below outlines which services will be available at each location.


Services Elizabeth Taylor 1525 Max Robinson
Dental Services
Gay Men’s Health & Wellness (evening STI clinic)
HIV Testing
Legal Services
Medical Adherence / Care Management
Mental Health Services
Nutrition Services  ✔ 
Primary Care
Public Benefits & Insurance Navigation
Red Carpet
STI Testing


What will you do with Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center?

Select programs and administrative services will continue to operate at Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center (ETMC) for the foreseeable future. Whitman-Walker announced in June 2015 that it had reached an agreement to redevelop the ETMC site.

What are you planning to do with the Max Robinson Center?

As with Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center, we continue using Max Robinson Center (MRC) for health care services. And we are committed long-term to providing our services east of the Anacostia. In fact, we have expanded services and hours this year at MRC. We also undertook a renovation project at the site in the spring of 2015. As with Elizabeth Taylor, our Board of Directors will undertake a thorough examination of how to best provide services in Wards 7 and 8 long-term.

Why did Gay Men’s Health & Wellness stay at Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center?

Our evening STD clinic is really busy and needs a lot of waiting room and exam space, ideally all on one floor. Because of that, we wanted it to be able to continue to thrive without being impacted by later hours that we hope to offer in medical services.

Where is Legal Services?

Anyone who needs legal help from an attorney after their medical appointment will be able to find a lawyer on the 5th floor of 1525. We view the legal team as an important part of our overall health care team. Scheduled visits that don’t need to happen right when you see your medical, mental health, dental provider, or nurse will happen at Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center.

How will this move impact staff who were with Metro TeenAIDS and who are now with Whitman-Walker? What will happen to that space on Capitol Hill?

For the foreseeable future, youth programs and services that were operated by Metro TeenAIDS will continue to operate out of the location in Southeast D.C. We will continue to evaluate the best locations to deliver services to youth as part of our three year plan to expand youth services.