What’s New

Going the Extra Mile
Going the Extra Mile is an annual cocktail reception honoring our pro bono legal volunteers, recognizing our allies, and raising money to continue to provide free legal services to our underserved neighbors.

Asylum Victories
Thanks to our wonderful pro bono volunteers and our dedicated staff, we celebrated multiple asylum victories this summer for gay men and transgender men and women from Cameroon, El Salvador, Uganda, and Venezuela who faced severe persecution. And congratulations to our great volunteers who obtained other, critical immigration relief for clients from El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Nigeria.

Employment Discrimination Victory
Congratulations to Beveridge & Diamond for successfully representing a transwoman whose employer fired her when she began to transition on the job.

Name and Gender Changes
The Name and Gender Change Clinic is an ongoing success story for our volunteers and clients having served more than 800 clients since 2012! Thank you to TransLAW for its valuable collaboration with WWH.

New Publication: Healthcare Planning Documents for Trans Individuals – An Advocate’s Guide
This critical publication (below), authored by our own Equal Justice Works Fellow Corey Prachniak, in collaboration with the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging is a guide to creating advance medical directives with specific language that protects the interests of transgender individuals in having their gender identity and expression respected.