Insurance Navigation Services

Our team is here to talk with you about your health insurance options and any problems you are having with insurance or the cost of your care. We will meet with any Whitman-Walker patient who doesn’t have insurance to see what they qualify for and to help them enroll.


As a DC Health Link enrollment center, we also help DC residents with their health insurance options. Our goal is to help you find an insurance plan that meets your needs and help you navigate any insurance issues.


In addition to helping you find the best health insurance options, we can assist people in fixing coverage problems, denials when they happen, and recertifying/renewing your coverage, as needed.

Whitman-Walker Insurance Navigators can help eligible patients enroll in health insurance programs and get information on ways to keep healthcare costs low. Our full list of services includes:


Our goal is to reduce your out-of-pocket costs by finding the right options for you. This may include prescription drug assistance programs offered through pharmaceutical companies or screening you for our sliding fee schedule of discounts.


If you’d like to talk to us, call the Insurance Help Line at 202.745.6151.

What do I need?
To help with your insurance application, we often need the following. If you have questions or don’t have some of these documents, call the Insurance Help Line at 202.745.6151.


Proof of Identity


At least one of the following, showing your full name and date of birth:


  • State-issued ID card or driver’s license
  • Green Card
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate


Proof of Residency


At least one of the following:


  • Valid (non-expired) driver’s license or state ID card with your current address listed
  • Valid (non-expired) lease or mortgage agreement (full copy)
  • Utility bill (water, gas, electric, cable, telephone only) from the past 60 days with your name and address
  • Rent receipt dated within the past 60 days which includes your name and address
  • Voter registration card
  • Signed “Proof of DC Residency” form with corresponding residency document from verifier (only if you do not have any of the above items)


Proof of Income


All that apply:


  • If you or your spouse are working, you must provide from each employer either one month of consecutive (in a row) recent pay stubs or a written statement from employer stating wages paid weekly/biweekly/monthly (hourly wage is not sufficient) and including employer’s name and contact number
  • If either you or your spouse receives Social Security disability or retirement benefits (SSI/SSDI/SSRI), private disability benefits, pension, or other non-work income, you must provide an award letter or statement for each program from which you receive income
  • If you are receiving unemployment benefits, you must provide one month of unemployment stubs (one stub may be sufficient) or a printed statement of your weekly benefits received.


Depending on your situation, we may need other documents which are not listed here. For example, proof of immigration status/U.S. citizenship or proof of assets may be needed for some programs. If you cannot provide the documents as listed above or have no income, please call 202.745.6151 and we will help you figure out what to bring.


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