Education & Trainings at Whitman-Walker

We apply and extend our expertise in LGBTQ health and wellness by offering clinical training and internships to medical and behavioral health practitioners; and by offering LGBTQ competency education to licensed professionals, students, agency staff, and community.


Focus Areas

We collaborate with our direct service center, Whitman-Walker Health, to provide internships, residencies, and training programs across a range of health care disciplines. Areas of expertise include HIV care, diagnosis and management of sexually transmitted infections, behavioral health, youth services, and gender-affirming care.

Outside of formal medical education, we disseminate our models of care and clinical and community expertise through a multitude of trainings and educational opportunities.

We offer a multi-level curriculum of general and specialized LGBTQ competency and other trainings to providers and community partners across many disciplines, including LGBTQ health, HIV treatment and prevention, working with queer youth and families, medical-legal partnerships, name and gender change, estate planning, harm reduction, trauma-informed care, and many more.

LGBTQ Cultural Competency Training
  • Clinical Cultural Competency with Sexual and Gender Minorities
    • Introductory level
    • Meets DC 2 credit LGBTQ Continuing Education requirement
  • Clinical Cultural Competency with Sexual and Gender Minorities
    • Longer, more advanced training that includes CE’s
  • Cultural Competence with LGBTQ Seniors
  • Cultural Competency with Sexual and Gender Minorities
    • General audience, no CE
  • Cultural Competency with Transgender and Gender-Expansive Persons
  • Cultural Competency with Sexual and Gender Minority Youth
Behavioral Health Trainings
  • Evolving Role of the Mental Health Clinician in Trans Care
  • Clinical Documentation and Letters of Support for Gender Affirming Care
  • Substance Use in LGBTQ Communities
  • Methamphetamine Use Among Gay Men/MSM – Context and Dynamics
  • Harm Reduction – Philosophy and Practice for Substance Use and Sexual Behavior
LGBTQ & General Legal Services Trainings
  • Estate Planning for LGBTQ Clients
  • Transgender Health Care Access
  • Trans Legal Rights
  • Introduction to Medical-Legal Partnerships
  • Social Security Disability Clinic
  • Medicare Part D Clinic
  • Understanding the Affordable Care Act
  • Name and Gender Change Clinic for Trans* and Gender-Expansive Clients (CLE Approved)
  • Asylum Claims for Transgender Clients (CLE approved)
HIV Trainings

Our trainings fall into three broad categories: cultural competence with sexual and gender minority populations; specific LGBTQ health topics in a variety of disciplines (law and policy, insurance and public benefits, behavioral health, or related fields); and HIV-focused trainings.

We offer a regular rotation of trainings at our health center locations, and can also provide off-site trainings to agencies and groups.