Search Programs Substance safety information and safer-use guides Advice and resources on Chemsex

  • Try this interactive Chemsex Care Plan to help guide you to make changes in your use! Information, resources, and peer support especially for Chemsex/Tina use Peer based information, and safer use supplies available for purchase- including test kits to check the quality and purity of your drugs Syringe exchange, safer injection supplies, safer sex supplies, naloxone (Narcan), and other resources based here in DC

  • Contact Erica (202) 441-1326 or about Sidewalk Hours for supplies and resources!
  • Call 1-800-676-4477 or email about mobile outreach! Fact sheets on safer sex, HIV, and substance use Information on substance use care facilities in the DC area



Questions? Call 202-745-7000 or text 202-978-6123 to schedule an appointment with a Health Care Provider to discuss safer substance use, treatment, or support groups, and other resources available at Whitman-Walker Health.

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