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To learn more about cancer navigation services at Whitman-Walker, please email

offers additional cancer support services including Distress Screenings, a Frankly Speaking About Cancer education series and the Open to Options support


Cancer Distress Screening

Cancer Distress Screening is a program to help you identify any care concerns early on in a cancer diagnosis. Whitman-Walker will help you address your
concerns before they become barriers to care. For more information on Distress Screenings or to start this service, please email


Frankly Speaking About Cancer

Frankly Speaking About Cancer is a cancer education series that can help you learn more about cancer, your treatment options, and how it can affect the
body and mind. Frankly Speaking About Cancer discusses the topics important to those affected by cancer. For more information on Frankly Speaking About
Cancer, contact


Open to Options

Open to Options is a decision-making support program to help patients who are starting, or experiencing, cancer treatment prepare for talking about treatment
options in their next medical appointment. For more information on the Open to Options support program, contact


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