Whitman-Walker Health to Observe National HIV Testing Day


Washington, DC - Whitman-Walker Health will mark the 17th annual National HIV Testing Day June 27 with expanded free HIV testing from Wednesday, June 22 through Monday, June 27:

Wednesday, June 22:      HIV Testing at Max Robinson Center, 9 am-4 pm

                                              HIV Testing at Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center, 9 am-6 pm

                                              HIV Testing in partnership with Kaiser Permanente and the DC Dept. of Health,                                                 1 Judiciary Square, 10 am-4 pm                                              

Thursday, June 23:          HIV Testing at Giant, 1535 Alabama Ave., SE, 7-9 pm

                                             HIV Testing at Max Robinson Center, 9 am-4 pm

                                             HIV Testing at Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center, 9 am-6 pm

Friday, June 24:                HIV Testing at Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center, 9 am-5 pm

                                             Stay Safe for Summer Event with AmeriCorps, HIV Testing 10 am-4 pm

MLK Memorial Library, 901 G St., NW

Petworth Library, 4200 Kansas Ave., NW

Benning Library, 3935 Benning Rd., NE

Anacostia Library, 1800 Good Hope Rd., SE

Saturday, June 25:             Stay Safe for Summer Event with AmeriCorps, HIV Testing 10am-4pm

                                                MLK Memorial Library, 901 G St., NW

Monday, June 27:               HIV Testing at Max Robinson Center, 9 am-4 pm

                                                Extended HIV Testing hours at Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center, 9 am-7 pm

“National HIV Testing Day is an opportunity to remind the Washington, DC, area community how important it is to get tested,” said Dr. Raymond Martins, chief medical officer of Whitman-Walker Health. “Last week’s report from the DC Department of Health showed that more than three percent of adults in DC have been diagnosed with HIV. However, an additional two-three percent may also be infected but hasn’t been diagnosed. That is why it’s so important for everyone in DC to get tested regularly and know their status.”
“Everyone should know their HIV status for themselves and their partners and their families,” said Martins. “But we should have better communication regarding HIV testing in the Washington, DC community. This year, we want to encourage people to not just get tested themselves but to pass along the message of HIV testing and prevention to those around them. Talking about this epidemic is one of the best tools we have to fight it.”

“At Whitman-Walker, we offer pre- and post-test counseling that includes education about how to prevent infection with HIV,” said Justin Goforth, director of community health for Whitman-Walker. “That is a prime opportunity, regardless of the outcome of the test, to reach people who may be at high risk for HIV infection with the information and the tools they need to stop the spread of HIV. We hope that they will use that information to not only protect themselves but to educate their family and friends on how to prevent infection.”

Whitman-Walker Health uses a rapid oral test, which delivers results in 20 minutes.

WWH partnered with other local organizations to collaborate testing efforts for National HIV Testing Day.  We are working together to make sure that we are meeting the needs of the DC community in a strategic manner.  Participation in the NHTD Collaboration has included:

Food and Friends
La Clinica del Pueblo
Family and Medical Counseling
Transgender Health Empowerment
The DC Center

Washington AIDS Partnership-AmeriCorps

Established in 1978, Whitman-Walker Health is a non-profit community health center located in Washington, DC.   Our mission is to be the highest quality, culturally competent community health center serving greater Washington’s diverse urban community, including individuals who face barriers to accessing care, and with a special expertise in LGBT and HIV care. Whitman-Walker Health offers primary medical and dental care; mental health and addictions counseling and treatment; HIV education, prevention, and testing; legal services; and medical adherence care management.  We are especially committed to meeting the health needs of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community and people living with HIV/AIDS.